It’s not dead, it’s just “differently alive”. 

Hello lovely readers!

Long time, no blog. Yeah, I’m terrible at this. If you don’t care feel free to skip to the end. I’m just going to work through my guilt for a bit.

What happened?

I set up the blog, as a way of expanding on my YouTube channel, books and pieces. Over there I publish a video every week (sometimes twice a week), and I have done so consistently for over three years. I wanted a place where I could post things that weren’t necessarily video content or where those who like to read rather than watch could access the same reviews and thought pieces. I thought I’d be as consistent and productive with this as I was with the videos.

bitch please

Unfortunately, as it turns out, blogging takes time!

In the way of so many people who don’t have experience in a particular area, I assumed that doing this thing would be easy and quick. It isn’t!


Blog posts became an additional time-suck during a period when I had very little time to spare. From late January to June I was doing the most difficult and time-consuming modules of my Masters degree, my day job got busier, I started the #booktubeSFF awards, and I still had to make my videos (and do regular life things).

Making the blog posts just kind of….fell to the wayside.

there there

Sympathy is for losers (I am a loser, be nice to meeeee).

So what next?


The blog never disappeared from my mind. I’ve been meaning to update it for a long time. I want to blog. That’s the key bit. I think I just need to re-adjust my own ideas about what the blog needs to be.

It’s not going to be a consistently updated thing. I still don’t have the mental bandwidth for it. I’m in the research & dissertation phase of my Masters until April 2016. Getting that done takes priority.

BUT I do want to keep this blog as a thing. I want to write more, create more, and have a central place for all my videos, book reviews, and other content.

So…yeah. I’ll be around, I’ll be updating again. There may be disapperances during times of stress. But this thing, this blog, it’s still here, I’m resurrecting it.

It's Alive!


Let’s just hope it doesn’t hate me for abandoning it for so long and chase me across Europe on some terrifying vengeance spree because I am so not making it another blog to keep it company.


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