Discworld Reading Order

This week’s video is a tribute to the late, and very great, Terry Pratchett. It’s my own special answer to the question ‘where should I get started with Discworld?’.

I’ve included the lyrics below the video if you want to avoid my singing. I still cannot believe I did this despite hating musicals and not being able sing. And if I never have to hear this song again, it would be too soon.

Let’s start at the very beginning a very good place to start
When you write you begin with
A, B, C.
When you read you begin with
1, 2, 3. (1, 2, 3).
1, 2, 3. The first three books just happen to be
1, 2, 3. (1, 2, 3.)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Oh let’s see if I can make it easier.
A disc, a world, a very big world.
A series with over 40 books.
Yes, I know, that’s quite a lot.
Hard to just  jump in and start.
So I get asked a lot of times.
Where should I best jump in.
Can I start anywhere.
And I just have to say no, no, no, NO.
I mean yes, of course you can.
Start wherever the hell you like.
But if you ask for my advice
Then this is what I have to say
Read the book in order
Yes they’re very different
From the first one to the last
What the fuck did you expect
There’s a lot, Of reading guides
That map the different story arcs
Start they say, with Sam Vimes
Follow him in all his different books
Sure that’s a great idea
But it misses so much out
You might know what’s going on
But you’re missing all the jokes
That were set up in books 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8
So just start with the first book.
You will the love the world you find.
When you read the series through, you will see the subtleties.
Once you step into this world you will never want to leave.
A disc, a world, a very big world.
A series with only 40 books.
That really is not enough at all.
Because they are so very good.
Read them as they came out
Trust in Terry’s great mind
You really won’t regret
Stepping into the discworld.

3 thoughts on “Discworld Reading Order

    • thebooksandpieces@gmail.com says:

      Thank you so much! It was so much fun to make and hopefully anything that encourages people to try Discworld is a good thing! I love the reading order guides as well – handy for my re-reads. 😀


  1. Krzysztof Kietzman says:

    Before I ever made the Guide I’ve read the entire series from start to finish (whatever was available at that time) twice in publishing order, so I very much agree one should do a publishing order approach at least once :-). What’s interesting, it seems that Pratchett himself discouraged from starting with the first books, as can be seen here: http://imgur.com/lXfLgER :-).


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