Where to get started with graphic novels?

This week’s video comes in two parts. As ever you can read a text version underneath the video.
  • Part 1: A Hugo Award readalong!
  • Part 2: Graphic Novels.

Part 1 – Hugo Award Readalong!

If you were watching my videos as far back as last year then you may remember that I read all the Hugo award nominees between April and August (when the ceremony happens). I was planning on doing so again and now the lovely Nicole over at Nicole’s Adventures in Science Fiction has organised a read along group on Goodreads. So if you want to join in and chat with me, and everyone else, about the awards and the books, then come over and say hi!
Myself, Nicole and a few other youtubers will also be doing a live show about the nominees on Saturday April 11th – I’ll keep you posted.

Where to start with Graphic Novels?

graphic novels covers

I have noticed with my sleuth like senses that there’s a whole world of books that I’m missing out on. They’re creeping into my library rubbing shoulders with the science fiction section, they’re in the bookshop with their back to front covers, and apparently all of you are already reading them. I am talking of course about graphic novels and comics. They’re everywhere and everyone reads them. Except me.
The extent of my graphic novel experience, if you can call it that, is Garfield and Our Wullie. Newspaper cartoons. Oh and I once tried to read an Arkham Asylum graphic novel years ago but apparently Batman just isn’t my thing.
Saga #1 cover imageBut then I got given a Star Trek: The Next Generation graphic novel omnibus which I never knew was a thing so now I’m kind of interested to try it out and while I’m there I might as well try a few other things!
So today’s post isn’t really me talking to you about graphic novels (because I know nothing), it’s me asking you guys questions about graphic novels. Where do I start? How do I know what sort of stuff to try out? Like I don’t even know if there are like different genre names or something. Oh sweet universe I hate being the noob. Be nice.
Mostly it’s can you give me some recommendations? Please! I’m looking for things in my areas of interest already – so science fiction, a bit of weird fantasy, and things with cool female characters. But mostly science fiction. Things that will hold my attention because I have a tendency to just read the words which kind of misses the point of the whole exercise. I’ve already had a recommendation from Amanda, whose comics channel is very lovely, for Locke & Key by Joe Hill. And also before you all tell me – yes I will try Saga.

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