Things I Like Thursday (on Friday)

Joyful salutations and happy things. Things I Like Thursdays is a new semi-regular feature where I can point out things that have caught my eye over the past week or two and I invite you to tell me other fun things that you’ve been loving. These might be new or upcoming books, interesting articles from around the web, videos from other booktubers, what-the fuck-ever.

The fact that the very first one of these is coming out on a Friday should illustrate the current state of organisation in my life.

Anyway, let’s get loving. [That sounded way dodgier than intended!]

Ammonite by Nicola Griffith

AmmoniteYou can actually blame this book (I am) for this post not going up yesterday. I sat down to read it for ten minutes and then eight chapters later it was time for bed! It stole my whole evening and I can’t even be mad because it’s so good!

I wrote about it the other week for Friday reads.


Queers Destroy Science Fiction essays

All our rockets are powered by sparkly gay feels.

All our rockets are powered by sparkly gay feels.

I backed this amazing Kickstarter campaign for a special edition of Lightspeed magazine dedicated to queer SFF without a second of hesitation. What I hadn’t noticed in my rush to the ‘take my money and give me all the queer goodies’ button was that they’re already publishing a series of essays to support this campaign by a whole host of Queer authors, editors, creators and bloggers.

Every single one has been making me smile and/or cry and that can only say good things about how amazing the actual anthology is going to be. A new one is being added as an update to the kickstarter every few days. There are only 10 days left in the campaign and I totally suggest backing it, reading all the essays, and getting very excited for the release date in June.

 Marvel’s Announcement of an All-Female The Avengers

Holy crap you guys. For this I really will start reading comics. I’ve watched almost all the Marvel movies and enjoyed them (though I’m still waiting impatiently for a fucking Black Widow movie, I mean seriously). And every so often I wonder if I should try reading some of the comics. I never actually picked them up though.

Me and graphic novels don’t get on very easily as I have trouble paying sufficient attention to the images without totally pulling myself out of the words but we try and get along from time to time. But for this I will damn well learn how to do it.

My bae Ronnie and the uncanny world of digitisation

Ron Lit is the best book channel and person on YouTube. She is a queen who can take academic critical theory and make it more fun than kitties and rainbows. Most of her content focuses on the classics, particularly 18th century badasses, but her most recent vid goes straight into the realms of science fiction: What happens when books go digital? 

I’m lucky enough to call Ron a friend and we talked last year about the ideas behind digitisation that I’m more familiar with from my escapades in SFF and my time working in libraries so I feel like I’ve got a little stake in this video. ❤

 Many Ancillary Justice related things

It’s official. I’m totally obsessed with all things Ancillary Justice (and Sword, and Mercy). I’ve already read Ancillary Justice twice and I’m contemplating another go so I can then re-read Ancillary Sword because I am looking at the calendar and realising quite how long it is until Ancillary Mercy comes out and I need more Breq in my life before October.

So to fend off the worst of my Ancillary-related cravings I’ve been enjoying the fruits of the fandom. Including:

This gif explanation of Seivarden:

Every other character discussing Seivarden: “Her speech is so old-fashioned and elegant! They just don’t speak like that anymore, todays youth ought to follow her example!”


It's just so lyrical.

It’s just so lyrical.

This amazing piece of fan art.

Seivarden and Breq

Seivarden and Breq by isozyme. Click the image to go to their blog and see the full size wonderment.

The cover of the Subterranean Press printing of AJ.

It was very limited edition and is already totally sold-out. Not that I don’t adore the original covers but this is so close to my mental image of Breq and Seivarden. ❤

Ancillary Justice Cover


This tiny little ficlet set in the world of Ancillary Sword

Without Means by tanyant [493 words]. I just love how it’s a minuscule glance back into the world of Breq and it certainly feels like it could almost be part of it. Teeny tiny not-really even a proper spoiler warning for book two (just in case you’re one of those people who likes to know nothing before they read the book).


So my lovely humans, tell me, what have you been loving this week? And what should I be checking out over the weekend?


Sparkly rocket love

(because I just found this clipart and it’s too cute)


Rainbow Rocket


4 thoughts on “Things I Like Thursday (on Friday)

  1. Maija Reads says:

    There was also the all-female X-Men team in 2013. I liked that the name of the book was just X-Men, not “insert-adjective-here” X-Men (like Amazing, Astonishing, etc.) . It had Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, and Rachel Summers.
    I have to say that I haven’t actually read it, though, so I can’t say if I’d recommend it… bad me. But I heard one might have to know quite a bit of backstory to get into it, don’t know if that’s true. And I’ve only read the Grant Morrison run of the X-Men.


    • says:

      That sounds pretty cool as well. I just like that there’s such a flowering of things with a whole bunch of cool female characters instead of just maybe the one. 🙂


  2. Sophia Jackson says:

    I’m listening to Ancillary Justice on audio book and I’m really struggling. I’m confused and I don’t understand the characters’ motivations most of the time. I just don’t get it. I’ve not read much science fiction so perhaps I’m just not gifted at reading this genre. I wish I could talk to you about it because perhaps it could see me through the rest of the book. :/


    • says:

      I think the key with Ancillary Justice, and with a lot of similar SF stuff (not all of it is like this so don’t worry it’s not you), is just to just let the confusion wash over you. You will put it all together eventually! The first 100 pages or so are extremely fragmented and things that happen in the past (that you won’t know yet) inform what they’re thinking and doing in the present. There’s this point where it all comes together and clicks and then the flashback bits stop and you move on into the story. And if you want to ask questions or anything any time then I’m almost always on twitter! @books_pieces


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