Friday Reads – 9th Jan 2015

I’ve just finished reading Jo Walton’s new book THE JUST CITY and about to get back into GARDENS OF THE MOON by Steven Erikson (as part of a booktube group read) but between the two there’s just enough time to fit in some short fiction. So here’s what I’ll be reading this weekend.

Issue 1

Issue 1

I helped to Kickstart the wonderful Uncanny Magazine back last year. Issue 1 came out in November and I started it but totally forgot to finish it and I’m missing out on so much. Even better Issue 2 arrived this week and OOOOOOOOOMG such a good contents page.

There’s a classic short by Ann Leckie (I LOVE HER), a translated piece from Hao Jingfang, poetry from Isabel Yap (whose short story A Cup of Salt Tears was one of my favourites of 2014), essays on nerd-rock & cosplay, and interviews with both Hao Jingfang and Ann Leckie. And that’s just a SAMPLE. This is an epic magazine people. You can get all the content for free over at their website though you’ll get it earlier if you’re a subscriber!

Issue 100

Issue 100

Another my recent Kickstarter funds has also borne fruit! Clarkesworld’s campaign to fund the publication of more Chinese SFF stories in translation caught my eye. Especially when they added the stretch goal for an additional fund for translating works in all kinds of other language as well!

I just received my first issue (#100) and it’s already amazing. The first story, Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight, is from Aliette de Bodard’s Mindships universe and was beyond beautiful. There’s also a story from Catherine M. Valente and, of course, a translated piece; ETHER by Zhang Ran.

You can get the whole issue over on their website for free. Or you can get an esubscription in all kinds of formats for a small fee.


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