Goals and Resolutions 2015

In my latest video I talked about the resolutions I made for 2014 and whether I achieved them, and then set out my goals for 2015. For easy reading and extra context the 2015 aims are all written out under the video:

1 – Improve my diversity stats
I want to read more authors of colour (25% or more), more translated works (more than 1), and increase my male/female/other gender ratio (50/50 split minimum but more female/other than male preferred). In order to this I’ll be paying a lot more attention to these numbers and I’m aiming to do a post at the end of each month to look at my stats so far. This should help me pay more attention to what I’m selecting to read.

2 – Read the Hugo Nominees
I did this last year and I think it should be easier this year as I’ve probably read at least one or two of the nominees already if early buzz is correct. But, this year I won’t be worrying about reading prequels or whatever as that was a huge waste of time. I’d love to go to WorldCon again and watch the Hugos live because they’re a wonderful occassion but Spokane is a bit more of a trek than London, not to mention significantly more expensive, so we can but dream. Luckily livestreams and twitter are still a thing.

3 – Write a review of everything I read
Now there’s a challenge. I’ve been trying to write more reviews and to push myself to write more thought pieces and things to go along with my videos so hopefully by challenging myself to write something about every single thing I read I will get in the habit of writing as well! Plus now I have this place to put them all.

4 – Read more short fiction
I only really started reading short fiction in 2014 and I have loved discovering the amazing breadth and depth of work out there. There are heaps of great places published short fiction both paid and free (see this video for my current favourites). I’ll be tracking all my short fiction on the Short Fiction 2015 page and writing reviews of each work (hopefully) as set out in Goal 3.

5 – Make a big costumed multipart series on Books and Pieces YouTube channel
My Science Fiction History series still stands as one of my favourite things I’ve made. I’d love to create videos like that every week but I just don’t have the time whilst I’m still in classes and working. Luckily classes finish in June so over the summer I will do something big and dramatic!


Into the future

The time between Christmas and the new year exists for me in a kind of temporal stasis. Nothing happens, nothing needs to be done, and I float, timeless, between the old year and the new. This illusion of timelessness gives me the space to look back on the previous year and contemplate the one coming in order to assess where I am, where I’m going, and how to get there. It’s painful, peaceful, and inescapable.

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for months (but never got around to) was to get my own site up and running so that I would have a central place to put reviews, essays, thoughts and any additional content or misc stuff to do with my videos, SFF, or whatever. And that’s pretty much what this place is. At the moment it’s pretty bare bones – I’m working on adding all my links to the SF history pages, I’m planning a page for recording all the short stories I read each year, and then there will be the blog.

It isn’t much but it’s something. It is a beginning, a jumping off point, a place to start that which will be. It’s alive.